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How do I know if I need a wool anorak, a canvas anorak, or both?

We recommend wool if staying warm is your main concern. If you’re looking for a wind sheltering system that also serves as an outer shell for your layers of clothing, the canvas is your best option.

You may not necessarily need both. We recommend a wool anorak first, as it is usually enough. However, if you’re exposed to a lot of wind and extreme environments during activities such as ice fishing and mushing, having both anoraks would be wise.

What is the difference between the wool anoraks?

The wool anorak of your choice depends largely on your preference as they are all equal in performance.

  • Loden is 100% wool
  • All other wool anoraks are 95% wool (more skin-friendly compared to a Loden)

    Although the Loden is 100% wool, there is no significant change in performance.

What is the difference between the canvas anoraks?


This canvas anorak is designed to be a wind-sheltering system rather than an outer-shell for your layers of clothing, unlike the other canvas anoraks. It comes with side slits for easy access to pant pockets or sidearms. The Windrak can be worn during summer, fall and spring, and has a shorter cut just like the wool anoraks.

Arctic vs Manic

As they are made to serve as an outer-shell, the Arctic and the Manic anoraks are longer than the wool anoraks in order to overlap them properly.

The only difference between the Arctic and the Manic is that the Manic is considered a “deluxe” model because it includes a decorative trim, fur ruff, sleeve cuff cinches and velcro neck closure instead of draw-strings.

I want to customize my garment. What can be modified?

In order to request customizations for your garment, please leave a note of your desired modifications in your order comments and we will contact you by phone or email if need be.

We offer the following modifications :

  • Sleeve and/or body length
  • Size (larger and smaller than what is offered)
  • Kangaroo pocket removal
  • Manic trim removal

    *Please note that we cannot create new designs*

I’m interested in the decorative trim embellishment. Which ribbon goes with which anorak?

Each anorak is matched with a specific ribbon:

  • Blackrak: black and silver trim
  • Loden & Rough: green and gold trim (pictured on Men’s Rough anorak)
  • Basque Olive canvases: green and gold trim (pictured on Men’s Rough anorak)
  • Bison Brown canvases: brown and gold trim
  • White canvases: blue trim (pictured on Manic)

What are side slits?

Side slits are openings on the bottom sides of the anorak. They improve mobility, should you need it, and allow for easier access to your pant pockets or sidearms. It’s important to note that these slits also expose you to more wind.

Should I get a Finnish coon fur ruff or the Wolverine?

Both furs are great performers in terms of durability and protection. Finnish coon fur has long, wispy hairs and a beautiful natural coloring, thus offering a different aesthetic compared to the Wolverine. However, the Wolverine has long been considered the best fur for subzero temperatures. 

That said, there is a considerable difference in cost between the two so ultimately, your choice depends on your personal preference. Whatever you decide, rest assured that both will do a great job in terms of protection and durability!


Can I order my anorak in the usual size I wear?

Not necessarily. Our sizing grades don’t follow standard sizes and our anoraks are not designed to be worn the same way a regular jacket is. We recommend you take your measurements and then consult our sizing guide to determine the appropriate size for you.

How do I find my anorak size?

Because our anoraks are made differently than regular jackets, we strongly encourage you to take your measurements and consult our sizing guide.

We recommend selecting a size that’s 8-10'' greater than your bare chest measurement for the anoraks, and 6-8'' for the Raglan. For vests, since they're worn closer to your body, 1-2'' more should suffice depending on how many layers you'll wear under it.

Please note that this is simply a suggestion and 8-10'' may be too little or too much depending on your body or personal preference. Always use your best judgment!

How should my anorak fit me?

Our anoraks are designed to protect your vitals and keep you warm. The hem of the anorak should fall approximately halfway up your thigh. The sleeve cuff should fall around your first thumb knuckle so that if you make a fist, your whole hand is covered.

Product Care

How do I care for my wool anorak?

It is important for you NOT to wash your wool anorak. The more you wash it, the more you’ll dilute the natural lanolin oils, which essentially provide its water repellent properties.

Wool does not absorb odors, so if it’s not “dirty”, airing it out outside on nice days is more than enough. Should you stain your wook anorak, simply clean it with some mild soap and water by dabbing on the spot (do not scrub). If you feel that it’s dirty and you really want to wash it, dry clean is preferred. 

For more information, watch this!

How do I care for my canvas anorak?

We highly recommend that you do NOT wash OR dry clean your canvas anorak. Should you get a stain, gently hose off the spot and the dirt should slide off. If that doesn’t work, gently spot clean it with some mild soap and water by dabbing on the spot (do not scrub).

Just like the wool anorak, be very careful with your choice of soap and detergents as it can remove the wax treatment that provides the anorak with its water repellent properties.

How do I care for my wax treated poncho?

It is very important that you do NOT wash NOR dry clean your wax-treated poncho. If you need to clean it, simply hose it off gently and allow the dirt to slide off. Do not scrub. 

Order Processing, Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to build my garment?

Orders with custom requests and alterations are considered custom orders that can take as long as 4-5 weeks during the holiday season and winter months, and as short as a week throughout the rest of the year.

If time is a concern for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at least 1 month before the due date. We’ll be happy to give you an idea of the current turnaround time!

Where can I find a copy of my order invoice?

Invoices are automatically sent to the email address you provided when placing your order. If you do not see it in your inbox, be sure to check your junk folder. The invoice emails should be sent within 24 - 48 hours of placing your order. 

If you still haven’t received it within that time frame, contact us at and we’ll be happy to send it again!

How do I know when my order will arrive?

As soon as your item has shipped, a status update and tracking number is automatically sent to the email address you provided upon placing your order. You should also receive an email from Canada Post with the tracking number. If you can’t find these, be sure to check your junk folder or contact us.

Can I return my order for a refund?

Boreal Mountain Anoraks only accepts returns for refund if there is a manufacturing defect in the garment you received.

Can I exchange my order for something else?

We accept exchanges for garments that are in a good condition for resale, with tags and labels still intact (see our ). Reach out to us via email or the site’s contact form to make an exchange request and we’ll provide you with further instructions.

*Please note that garments with special size alterations are final sale*

Why do I have to pay for restocking fees?

Exchanges are subject to a 10% restocking fee as it accounts for the work, time, and costs involved in processing your exchange request. 


Where can I see product reviews from BMA customers?

Product reviews are visible at the bottom of our Shop page as well as on each product page.

How can I leave a product review on your website?

To leave a review, simply navigate to the Reviews section, select the ‘Site Reviews’ tab and click on the “Write a Review” button. Then fill in the boxes and submit – remember to mention what product you’re reviewing for your fellow shoppers.