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The Titan© Poncho

The Titan© Poncho

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This is not your typical poncho. The Titan© is the newest addition to BMA's extra large outdoor gear. It is constructed with Martexin® Original Wax treated sailcloth, giving it superior performance and resistance in inclement weather conditions. It features a wide, double-lined hood with a visor extension for extra protection. We also gave it the same high neck gauntlet as our anoraks, as well as a large front utility pocket and 3 button closures on each side. The Titan© poncho is made extra long and extra wide so you can comfortably wear it over your anoraks. Finally, its large size also gives it the unique property of doubling as a shelter if needed. Over time, your poncho will develop its own character as Martexin's exclusive wax formula will allow the fabric to develop a beautiful patina. Available in 3 colors.

Fabric: 100% cotton, Martexin® Original Wax 7oz sailcloth

Dimensions: 58'' x 84'' rectangle when open