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The Blackrak©

The Blackrak©

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The Blackrak© is our answer to all our urban friends. It’s made with our exclusively milled advanced performance wool, but with less consideration for blending in the woods, hence its beautiful jet-back color. Don’t let its sleek look fool you, though. It weighs in at 650/700 gsm so you’ll be just as comfortable with this in the wild as with our other anoraks. We just don’t recommend you sport it during open season, no one wants to be mistaken for a bear!

Fabric: 95% wool/5% synthetic

Why a BMA anorak?

Inspired by traditional Indigenous outer shells, BMA anoraks are handmade in Canada with a commitment to provide you with heirloom quality, functional garments. Our anoraks are designed with a focus on thermal regulation– we make them wide and long to protect your vitals and allow for layering. In addition, we think reliability is especially important when out in the bush so we actively avoid using hardware that can fail like zippers and snaps. From the gauntlet to the sleeves to the kangaroo pocket, every detail was meticulously thought out to maximize your warmth and comfort while exploring nature.

The benefits of wool:

- Antibacterial

- Hypoallergenic

- Water repellent

- Fire retardant

- Moisture wicking

- Silent

- Retains up to 80% of its insulating properties when wet

BMA’s Dual Layering System

For all of you layering enthusiasts, we recommend one of our canvas anoraks to be worn over our wool anoraks. While each can be worn on their own, this combined layering system – wool inside, canvas outside – will keep you extra warm and dry. If you are considering two layers, we recommend starting with only a woolie first. Also, remember that your canvas anorak will likely need to be larger than your woolie so you can layer comfortably. For questions or more information about our dual layering system, feel free to contact us before your purchase and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Awesome piece of kit

Matthew C.
If you want Top Shelf Customer Service……Andy and his team are where you will find it!!!

I have been a pain in the rear customer with all the questions I’ve asked Andy I’ve a period of a week. Upon placing the order, one was out of stock and I wanted these for an up coming camping trip to surprise my wife this. Andy and his team of fantastic women and gentlemen in the production department made it happen. I have not even received my order yet and I reviewing their customer service.

There service is second to none. I am in the customer service business and it is very infrequent that come across anybody that challenges my level of customer service.

Welcome to the ELITE level of customer service.


blackrak wool

All I can say is that this is beautiful garment. I had the sweep and cuff enhancements added and also enhancements around the kangaroo pocket just like the trim on the arctic rak and this just upped the look of the garment. I haven't had the opportunity to wear it in the winter yet but I do have the loden wool and the arctic rak and wore them in combo during last winter's coldest days and they were great as a pair. I do admit that putting on the wool rak and then putting on the arctic over top is a bit of a challenge until I figured out that you can pull the wool into the arctic and then put it on and that seems to work out much easier. Now I just leave the loden in the arctic and I will just wear that blackrak by itself. Anyway my garments were all made by Diane and the quality is outstanding. Give her a big raise! Thanks.

Daryl M.
Half way around the world

Quick postage and well packed. This anorak made it to Australia ready fore the winter. Going to be used in all sort of back country bush adventures.

Henrik A.

Superhappy, fast shipping to Sweden